Welcome to AdultEX

How does the show work?

Exhibitors are company owners and sales representatives that have paid to attend AdultEX. Their products are displayed on their stands and you will find each product with its special discounted show price listed on your order form compendium. Make your purchasing decisions and mark the items or planograms and the quantity you wish to order on your order forms. Choose when you would like them to be delivered to you by Calvista.


Ordering at AdultEX allows you to take advantage of exclusive discounts only available at the event. The normal wholesale price and the special show price is listed on your order forms. To take advantage of the considerable show discounts, you must hand in your order forms by the close of the show.

When do I have to hand in my order forms?

You must hand in your completed order forms by the close of the show at the latest. Calvista will then process and place orders with the exhibiting companies. Depending on availability and supply, Calvista will ship your ordered products to you at the beginning of each month.